“Christmas at home for me is summer by the beach, warm ocean breeze and spending time with my friends and family.”

“Well the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” – or so goes one of the many Christmas carols we hum this time of year. The decorations we proudly arrange feature icicles and snowy windows and rugged-up reindeer. We relish the idea of the Northern Hemisphere Christmas cliché but in reality, of course, Christmas in Australia could not be more different.

For this story we find ourselves on a secluded part of a Byron Bay beach on the NSW north coast. This “small” beachside town is increasingly becoming a mini-city for creatives, one for those relocating from the big smoke to a place thoughtfully focused on sustainability, organic everything and a general slower pace of life. Calling this modern gypsy life her own is Australian influencer Mimi Elashiry. Known as much for her enigmatic style as for her significant prowess as a lyrical dancer, Elashiry now has over 943,000 followers on Instagram.

As we discovered, when December comes around in Byron Bay, the bustle is somewhat different to the one experienced in big cities. A conscious nature resides here that flows welcomingly into the festive season. In fact, for Elashiry, this time of year is one she uses to reflect on the year that has passed and spend even more time being part of the rugged landscape that surrounds her home.

Elashiry’s style while at home has a peaceful symbiosis. A partnership between flowing threads and minimalist lines are decorated by her collection of sentimental tattoos and the unique jewellery pieces that complement them. Pieces that feature classic Zen symbolism such as moons, stars and evil eyes. This layered fine jewellery style is the understated sparkle that accentuates Elashiry’s summertime goddess vibe.

Prancing between sandy rocks while renegade waves crash beyond sounds (and looks) so deliciously calming, it’s hard to imagine this is someone’s Christmas reality – especially as we elbow our way through shopping centre crowds for the eleventy millionth time this month. But be thankful that this summertime realness is on our doorstep, whether at home or as part of that all-Australian road-trip getaway.

We’re not walking in a winter wonderland here, we’re dancing in a summer paradise. So, like Elashiry, perhaps it’s time to start making more of our own Christmas traditions.


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