Margot Robbie attends CHANEL Paris New York Meitiers d’art 2018/19 Show at Metropolitan Museum of Art on December 4, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Our study starts in the Pre-Hollywood Neighbours-olithic era, circa 2008. When 6.30pm weeknights saw a peak in Ramsay Street civilisation. Our primitive findings in the history of Margot Robbie indicate the ‘Logie Age’ to be a beginning of a significant period of time for her. Although early images prove hard to predict future fashion success, we know from much style observation into ensuing years that this supreme being, with humble Gold Coast roots, has gone on to become a dominant Hollywood species.

In an occurrence not unusual for Ramsay-Street beings, post-Logies-Margot-Robbie crossed continents to build a habitat among the tribes of the Los Angeles acting-jobs-hunter-gatherers. With work notoriously scarce and furiously protected by predators, it’s common to see outsider species left disenchanted and waitressing. Robbie, however, defied the odds.

By 2014, Margot Robbie entered the The Wolf Of Wall Street Age. A seismic shift that saw her become more powerful than ever and begin to make supremely elegant sartorial choices from houses such as Armani Prive and Oscar de la Renta. Around 2015 to 2016 we see hair colours go dark and red carpet gowns become predominantly monochromatic thanks to the likes of Altuzurra and Saint Laurent.

From 2017 we see continual dominant growth in the form of The Legend Of Tarzan and Suicide Squad (with some avant-garde red carpet choices by designers like Alexander McQueen) followed by a distinctive peak during 2018 with I, Tonya. An achievement solidified by an Academy Award for Best Actress nomination and a prestigious Chanel ambassadorship.

Which brings us to present day and the Age of Mary, Queen of Scots. Robbie plays Queen Elizabeth I and, despite missing out on an Oscar nod this year, has been nominated for an upcoming BAFTA for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Her couture of choice over the past 12 months? Almost exclusively, Chanel. A step or two up from her flamenco-ish, November-Rain-type, bustier style of the 2009 Logies.

A timeline of Robbie’s red carpets and awards nights is a fascinating foray into how the 2008 ‘Most Popular New Female Talent’ Logie winner has adapted to her high-fashion surrounds. She not only now sits confidently among major players, but has become a dominant fashion force herself.

Despite this impressive rise to the top of the fashion and Hollywood food chain, we know there’s still a long and exciting evolution ahead of her. The 2019 BAFTA’s air this Sunday night 11 February (AEST) and we style palaeontologists are waiting with bated breath to see what she’ll wear next…


2009 – 2011: the Age of Logies, Neighbours and Moving To America


2012 – 2014: the Age of The Wolf Of Wall Street and First hollywood Red Carpets


2015 – 2017: The Age of Suicide Squad and Fashion Front Rows


2018 – 2019: The age of i, Tonya, Mary queen of scots, chanel, Oscars, Globes and BAFTAs