There is a growing group of people who believe Meghan Markle’s baby bump is fake. They are convinced the Duchess has been wearing a “moonbump” product to pretend she is pregnant, possibly to conceal the couple’s use of a surrogate.

According to the website, these silicone or foam props are generally “used extensively for stage and screen performance, advertising and retail and, in many cases, for strengthening emotional bonds as you move forward with a planned surrogacy or adoption.”

This has all but has given unqualified online conspiracy theorists reason to dream up “evidence” that Markle – and the Windsor family – are committing lying. Such cases are presented by photos where the Duchess’ baby bump seems a little squished, a little oddly shaped or non-existent. Take a look:

Some claim Markle, 37, hasn’t been spotted visiting any doctors or obstetricians as evidence she possibly be pregnant. Others have pointed to her alleged constant use of hair dye and Botox while some noted her supposed contract with her ex-husband where she demanded he pay for a post-natal personal trainer and nutritionist should they have a baby.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.