Still reeling from a big few days? Us, too. Our skin is showing the signs of pudding and prosecco, of stuffing and Spritz, of rosé and roast turkey. Lacklustre. Tired. Dull. So how to bring back the glow that gluttony has seemingly robbed of us?

Product-wise, there are a plethora (and we mean A LOT) of products which emulate that glow we’re eternally seeking (and momentarily lost). From strobes to sparkles, powders to pencils; our obsession with “glowing” has never been stronger, and the market now carries myriad options to fake the flush of good news or matrimony.

But according to Sydney’s finest skin specialists, you can actually make your skin sing minus a heavy-handed highlight. For Melanie Grant of Melanie Grant Clinic Double Bay, ritual is imperative. “I make time every evening for a restorative bath, which is a wonderful way to deliver vital nutrients to the skin by boosting circulation – and for me, a welcome alternative to working out at the gym.” Subbing gym for a bath? Brilliant news, indeed. “I love to soak in epsom salts to deeply detoxify and often reach for different facial masks during this time depending on whether my skin needs hydration, clarity or a little brightening.”

Outside of the tub, she likes to let a little light in, recommending light treatments for natural luminosity. “Light Therapy is always a must before an event or if I’m in need of a little extra radiance. Clinical Red Light in particular is incredibly effective at boosting circulation and intercellular communication and giving the skin a detoxified, lifted and healthful glow, instantly.”

Dr. Joseph Hkeik of the prestigious skin sanctuary, All Saints Clinic in Sydney, agrees, favouring in-clinic treatments to faux the elusive glow. “Treatments, such as Clear and Brilliant, help to plump the skin and improve circulation. And we love the result we see with our Epinova Facial, whereby we infuse key products using photosonic and ultrasonic technology to plump the skin without any downtime.” In order to glow, Dr. Hkeik maintains “you need skin clarity, skin plumpness and better circulation,” and if your guise is feeling particularly grey, you can even add a little something extra. “In addition to the above, we can offer our clients a skin booster treatment where the hyaluronic acid is placed under the surface of the skin through a medical device (performed by doctors only).”

At home, Dr. Hkeik “recommends weekly masks such as the Rationale Immunologist Mask and Cosmedix Restore Mask.”

A mask, a little light, and a long bath? Sounds good to us. And if you’re still feeling a little festive / naughty, take heed of Bambi, and add a glass of wine, too.