Earlier in the week, we brought you Hollywood’s current preoccupation with pink hair. From Cara to Gigi, there’s somewhat of a pink epidemic over in La La land and beyond, with a spate of A-listers dying their locks (albeit even fleetingly) a shade of cotton candy, raspberry or fuchsia.

We thought it necessary then, to quiz Australia’s very own pink lady, Renya Xydis, about taking the pink plunge. Here, four things to consider before going pink.

Credit: Instagram, @gigihadid
1. It can be high maintenance
Naturally, hair colour that is either darker or brighter than your natural colour, will fade. The more vibrant, the higher the maintenance. If you are naturally blonde and want to be a brunette, it’s also high maintenance. Try use colour saving products to elongate the length of time between salon visits. Try the System Professional Colour Save Shampoo + Conditioner.

2. It can become expensive
Visiting a salon every two to three weeks for a colour refresh can be very expensive!

3. Colour isn’t so easy to remove
If you are thinking about taking the step to go pink, make sure that you want to stick with the colour for at least two months. The healthiest way to remove colour is to let it fade out. Unless of course, you are opting for a wash out colour, then all you need is a three to five washes (all depending on how porous your hair is)

4. People WILL look at you
Make sure you are comfortable with that!

Tile Image: Instagram, @emrata