Jen Atkin. Celebrity hairstylist. Girl boss. Kween of cool. All-round beauty icon. Hair God(des). So when Akin tells us do something, we listen. Willingly. (Fan girl, much?).

Jen Atkin being a boss

Currently in Sydney #gettingouaisted (the sober kind, we think), Atkin proved the ultimate beacon of hair enlightenment; proclaiming all kinds of hair advice like the oracle she is. And she’s on a mission to make hair not only great again, but easy. “We’ve been taught to blow dry hair straight, then use a curling iron, and then use a flat iron to make it look loose and effortless – and that takes a lot of work.” This ironically laborious journey of ‘effortless cool-girl hair’ is completely redundant, and Atkin is trying to change the culture, one less tool at a time. “It’s one habit I’ve tried to get girls out of.”

According to Atkin, you can achieve this kind of effortless, lived-in hair – effortlessly – without the hair hullabaloo and 75 tools. “Personally, with my own hair and with a lot of clients, I have taught them how to use body builders.” Note: we’re talking body building of the hair product variety – not protein-guzzling weightlifters with Arnie-esque biceps and slicked Vegemite skin. “So wave spray and volume spray when your hair is wet.” Kind of a like a protein shake for your hair (if we’re staying with the power lifting analogy), Atkin swears by products that not only create body, but texture and grit also. Then, the ultimate retro (and often forgotten) hair tool: the diffuser. “The Dyson Supersonic Diffuser is incredible. When it’s wet with product in it, I take my hair and basically put it into the diffuser and hold it from the end,” explains Atkin. “Then I just do an accordion effect where I pull it back and forth and kind of squeeze it and let it sit there for maybe five to six seconds.”

Now you’ve got the moves, “let it out and it has a wave that you would get from a curling iron – it’s amazing.” Slightly scrunched at the ends, gritty through the mid-lengths and flat at the top – it’s the Atkin-approved hair seen on the likes of Bella, Kendall and co.

Bella with Atkin-styled waves

“I would definitely suggest trying that for girls who like a really effortless look. And you skip the tongs, which is incredible.” Sound advice for us wannabe cool-girls. Get diffusing (and bulking) promptly.

Jen Atkin and Camila Coelho just hanging in hotel rooms with flowers, fur and balloons