All Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian want for Christmas is SLIP.

The Australian silk brand – famous for their dreamy silk pillowcases – has made quite the impression on the Kardashian sisters, with both Kim and Khloe including respective pieces in their Christmas wish-lists.

Feeling particularly festive, Khloe shared her fuzzy gift giving sentiments along with her ‘Ultimate Wish List’, featuring the SLIP Silk Pillowcase in Gold in her Holiday Gift Guide. “I definitely live by the idea that it’s better to give than receive – although I won’t complain over getting gifts, LOL! Truly, though, I look forward to giving my loved ones the gifts that I know they’ll obsess over. Below is a roundup that will cover everyone in your life. Keep scrolling and get shopping!” she wrote.

For makeup mogul Kim Kardashian, it was all about a robe to get ready in, including the lush SLIP Silk Robe in rose pink as the ‘Holiday Gift for Her’.

The perfect presents for the beauty obsessed who love a little luxury when it comes to makeup prep and bedtime (read: the Kardashians), SLIP’s silk offerings are the ultimate gift for any beauty queen.

Deck the halls like the Kardashians; it’s time to SLIP into something more comfortable this Christmas.

Shop Kim’s Wishlist

slip pure silk robe, $500. shop now

Shop Khloe’s Wishlist

slip pure silk pillowcase in gold, $85. shop now