In case you missed it, Bella Hadid had a big week.

In New York City for Fashion Week, the model strutted from catwalk to curb with that brand of quintessential Bella glamour – souped-up, sexy and distinctly ’90s in character. From gauzy catsuits to all-over body glitter, here, we breakdown what Bella’s beauty looked like in the big apple.

‘90s girl Gang flying private
The initial New York mood, Bella sets the ’90s tone with a double-bun and terminator lenses, looking fly like a G6, as she jets into NYC.

Holiday hair at Prabal Gurung
This is what we think we look like on holidays – gloriously wet hair, endearingly sun-tinted cheeks, slightly smudged kohl from a day-long Spritz session the day before – it’s the vacation beauty dream, low-fi yet supremely sexy. Despite the reality often being a far cry from this (deep-fried faces and a fuzzy, salty perm), we’re going to keep pretending this is exactly what we look like when we’ve just taken a dip and emerge with Rosé in hand and sexy, slippery strands.

Whale spouts and big lashes for Dior 
A fountain-like half-up ‘do and some seriously high-octane bombshell beauty serve ’90s realness at the Dior event in the West Village.

Eternal youth at Brandon Maxwell
Well isn’t this just dandy. Breathing new meaning into fresh-faced; Bella’s blush does all the talking in this eternally youthful makeup look at Brandon Maxwell. Bronzed, blushed with beautifully irreverent back-combed hair, it’s a summer fling personified.

bandana ‘n’ kohl ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll at michael kors
A swish black bandana – artfully tied at the back and serving some serious Bianca Jagger vibes – framed a face full of sexy, sooty kohl smudged under the eye.

ice cold at business of fashion

A Patrick Ta special; frosty highlights, a fluttery lash and a swept-over, piece-y high bun make this look ice cold (but so red hot).

Fembot face at Harpers Bazaar Icons
Probably the most iconic look to come out of the Bazaar ICONS party (and arguably the whole of Fashion Week), Hadid unleashed quite the hysteria when she turned up in a flesh-coloured, boned, near-nude catsuit, complete with an impossibly shiny blowout, razor-sharp cheekbones and some serious pillow lips. Fembot-like and almost too perfect, beauty was impeccably flawless and bombshell in every way. Part robot, part wax figurine, part girl; the question remains: was she even real that night?

goddess guise at oscar de la renta
It was all systems glamour at Oscar; as a sleek, slick bun made way for a heavily-lined eye (both top and bottom) and a whole lot of gold.

Bucket Caps and blush at Anna Sui
Now this is some serious cuteness right here. Those high-cut cheekbones were once again accentuated with well-placed blush, lips were glossy and a brocade bucket topped off textured hair.

Body glitter and feathered top knots at Fenty
The only way to close a fashion week. Copious amounts of Fenty Body Lava and a top-knot with feathers. Bang.