Cryotherapy – the practise of being cooled to sub-zero temperatures – has been touted as the “next big thing” in rejuvenation and wellbeing. Said to aid muscle recovery, help treat injury, reduce cellulite, aid weight loss and for general skin rejuvenation, the new trend has been praised by celebrities and the like for its supreme rejuvenating properties (think Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys and Cristiano Ronaldo). A non-invasive hyper-cooling treatment, cryotherapy is a unique experience where your body is briefly enveloped in a fine nitrogen mist and safely cooled to approximately -140 degrees for up to 3 minutes (less for those with a fear and loathing of the cold) in a state-of-the-art Cryotherapy chamber – the Cryosauna. Upon leaving the chamber – a futuristic-looking, upright cylinder – your body temperature rapidly returns to normal releasing enriched blood back into the skin and muscle tissues for both immediate and lasting results. Suitable for everyone, the cold therapy helps to boost your metabolism to help you lose weight faster, increases endorphins for elevated physical and mental well-being, flushes toxins from the skin and muscle tissue, relieves and soothes joint pain and inflammation and improves muscle repair and recovery. But, what is it really like?

Here, two GRAZIA editors put Cryotherapy to the test at CRYO in Edgecliff. And whilst the idea of enjoying being cooled to -140 degrees seems as likely as hell freezing over, it is surprisingly not that bad…


What I expected: As someone who exercises in the mornings on a regular basis, I wanted to try Cryotherapy to alleviate some of the muscle aches and assist in my body’s daily recovery. The promise that jumping into a chamber four times as cold as Antarctica will help boost my metabolism and improve my skin seemed like an worthy experiment!

What the actual experience was like: It’s freezing. Wearing underwear, uggboots and mitts, you do an odd little dance in one nitrogen mist-filled chamber for two-three minutes. There are nervous squeals and I found my calves stayed very cold for a few hours post treatment. While I only stuck to three two-minute treatments as I didn’t love being extremely frozen, the treatment really is over before you know it.

The results: Approximately one hour after each treatment, I felt really energised and refreshed and this lasted for hours. In the evening, I became quite drowsy and enjoyed a really good night’s sleep. In terms of muscle recovery, I would probably need a few more regular treatments in order to feel a big difference in muscle repair.

Tips: For me, having a full breakfast (and not just my usual on-the-run-almond-latte) made a huge difference between feeling really energised and a little light-headed and headachy post-treatment. I would recommend eating half a banana afterwards for a little sugar kick. I also would like to note this treatment has no effect whatsoever on a spray tan!


What I expected: As one who hates the cold (i.e. moved to Sydney from Melbourne and sleep with a doonah in summer, that’s how much I hate the cold), I was certainly not looking forward to it. The prospect of being ‘frozen’ – or the closest thing to – was by no means exciting. However, as one who likes to try everything once and has a very curious mind, particularly when it promises health benefits such a boost in metabolism and muscle recovery, I was willing to try it in the name of health (and beauty). 

What the actual experience was like: There’s no denying it; it, is, cold. Freezing, in fact. And no bra or brief wide enough, or Uggboot furry enough (a mandatory when inside the machine) will atone for that chill (I oddly found my shins the worst hit, with a stinging type sensation). In saying that, it is also over in a hot (or cold) flash, and by the time you do a few spins, a little shimmy, and a jig (and a few outrageous shrieks), it’s over. So, whilst it is absurdly cold, it is so momentary that is completely doable.
*Note: go with a friend. They prove very distracting and facilitate some very memorable Boomerang moments. 

The results: Directly after the treatment, I still felt slightly tingly, but for the most part normal. About an hour following the treatment, I felt very energised and perky, almost as if I’d had a double espresso (but in a good way). As one who struggles with sleep, I ended up having a restful sleep on each occasion. I also felt slightly lighter the next morning, refreshed and revived. I do believe upkeep is important with a practise like Cryo, and would expect to see even better results with an ongoing program. Here’s to the freeze.

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