“I do a nice green juice or green smoothie once in a day,” declares Karolina Kurkova.

Chatting to the supermodel and OG Victoria’s Secret Angel backstage at the David Jones Spring / Summer show, it makes sense. Her skin is clear, radiant and glowy. Her physique is, as one would expect of those with ‘Angel’ status, flawless (curvaceous, toned, taut, etc, etc).

For Kurkova, the green philosophy is one which applies to her whole life, not just her gut. “My overall approach to beauty is really taking care of myself within and looking at all of it; physically and spiritually, and it’s something that is a part of my lifestyle,” says Kurkova. “Yesterday, somebody was asking me what I do differently when I have a big shoot, and for me, it’s really just what I do everyday. I try to do as much as I can everyday, not just two or three months before, and now most of the time we don’t have that much leeway anyway.”

But the million dollar question – what does she actually put in this smoothie she swears by?

“To start, I juice spinach, celery, green apple, or you can even do a little bit of pear, and lemon and ginger.” Ok, Karolina, noted.

“Then I put it in a blender with half a banana and avocado and blend it, and you can put in a little bit of ice here, too. Then I put a little probiotic powder, Gryph & IvyRose Probiotic Powder, which is a new brand that I’m a co-founder of. We have Bath and Body products, Herbal Elixirs and Probiotics, and we have this powder probiotic with dry freeze banana which I put in. It’s good for me but it’s also great if I’m making the smoothie for my children, and they get their healthy gut flora.”

So what about the (soy / macadamia / almond / cashew / oat) milk?

“I don’t put any milk in. You can put coconut water for some hydration, and you can put protein powders, but I don’t do protein powders because I like the freshness and it’s already so creamy with the avocado.” No to milk (of any kind), yes to avocado. Also, noted.

“I like the probiotic because it doesn’t have as much flavour as protein powders, and it’s also not as thick; so that’s my go-to smoothie and also my kids like it. And you can throw in some berries or strawberries which the kids like – especially if you want to hide the green colour! Sometimes I think for kids it’s more about the colour than the taste. Now that my kids are getting bigger, they are like: “Mum, what is that colour? It’s gross!” So for the big kids and general green-ophobes, disguise the colour with berries.

A smoothie fit for a queen, kid or supermodel. Blenders and juicers at the ready.