It’s been a big week for Elsa Hosk. First, she was gifted the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra. An illustrious feat in Angel land, the one million dollar Atelier Swarovski diamond bra is the crowning glory of the Victoria’s Secret show and a tear-jerking moment for any aspiring Angel. Then, she celebrated a milestone birthday, turning 30 just days before her big Fantasy Bra debut in the Victoria’s Secret spectacle.

Celebrating the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” in a video with Vogue US, Elsa Hosk shared her Angel makeup routine as any Angel would – in her bra. And the first step in her beauty routine is a rather surprising one. “The first thing I do when starting my makeup is probably some eyedrops just to wake up your eyes.” With a bra so heavy in diamonds it’s near-blinding, according to Hosk you want your baby blues to sparkle, too. “Especially when wearing this bra you want your eyes to sparkle. And my eyes are always red because my cats wake me up a lot.”

Then, “some lip balm just to moisturise.” A trick all makeup artists do – apply a balm at the start of any makeup application to prep and soften the lips.

“As a Victoria’s Secret Angel you definitely need really long and thick lashes,” she says whilst curling her lashes with a rose gold eye lash curler, or as she calls it, “her best friend.”

But before getting her wings, Hosk actually preferred a more natural look. “Before I became a Victoria’s Secret Angel I never used to wear a lot of makeup, and then I got older and realised a little makeup goes a long way.” Her Angel-updated routine now includes two different coloured concealers. “You sort of want some darker areas and some lighter inside.” She takes the lighter shade and applies small dots under the eye, around her Cupid’s bow and chin, then proceeds with the darker hue “just on the outside”, areas of the face which require depth like the cheek. She blends it all in with a BeautyBlender in hot pink (naturally), to “really get in there.”

When it comes to her skin, she maintains appearances can be deceiving. “My skin is not flawless by the way, I really struggle with bad skin a lot…and I still get acne all the time.” For the self-proclaimed skincare lover, she remedies unruly skin with a diligent routine. “I do the whole thing, I cleanse twice, I never sleep in makeup but I really believe it’s what you eat and what you put on the inside.” So what does Elsa Hosk eat? “I try to eat really healthy and stay away from dairy which will clog pores and any toxins.”

But we all know the archetypal Angel look comes down to the glow, and “the most important part of this look is to add a lot of shimmer and A LOT of highlighter.” So what is the secret product behind Hosk’s angel glow? Victoria’s Secret Just Say Glow Highlighter, a $25 highlighting stick sent from the heavens, accompanied by the mantra: “Enough is never enough, you just go for it!”

But to balance the light, you need to throw some shade, and Hosk is a fan of some “contouring action….to make the face have some definition.” Dusting Benefit’s Hoola Matte Bronzer under the cheekbone – a contour hotspot – she also goes in under the chin with heavy-handed strokes, which means “won’t get a double chin.” Another Angel-approved trick is to squeeze the brush all the way to the end of the bristles, and dust under the lip and on top of the Cupid’s bow and “it gives you a little pout,” (v. important in the Victoria’s Secret vernacular). A “swoop” of pink blush across the nose and cheek and Hosk’s Angel complexion is complete.

The final act is the eyes. She takes eyeshadow that looks like “diamonds” across the entire socket, but her ultimate trick is to “take it with your finger and press it onto the lid because it actually makes it sparkle more…you just go apeshit!” Apeshit with sparkle, noted Elsa. After going gung-ho with glitter, her “absolute most important part of any makeup look is the eyebrows,” and she prefers a pencil over powder as she likes it to look natural. Hosk’s trick for opening the eyes is to fill in the outer tail of the brow and extend outwards, as well as some shimmer to the inner corner of the eyes. She finishes the look with a slick of black liquid liner, which she says “if you mess up, you add more” (a makeup mantra reflective of Victoria’s Secret as a whole, more is more) and then lots of mascara, “because who doesn’t want major lashes?” Just add an overdrawn lip, and the iconic Angel beauty equation is sorted.

Angel-approved makeup by its new golden girl Elsa Hosk: time to peace, pout and bring on the show.

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