When it comes to foundation, we want it all. We want coverage, but we want it to look natural. We want flawless colour, but we want it to be seamless. We want to cover imperfections, but we want our skin to breath. But can you really have it all? Of course you can. Face, meet your new coverage essential, Guerlain’s Foundation L’Essentiel.

The latest foundation to join Guerlain’s stylish stable, Foundation L’Essentiel lives up to its name, ticking all the boxes that make up a truly great foundation.

Born to take the stage, it’s a natural performer. Formulated with 97% natural origin ingredients, including mineral pigments and marine and plant active ingredients, it’s a potent little foundation which, for the first time, melds naturalness and performance. And with full transparency, the remaining 3% have been chosen in good conscience to guarantee the sensory qualities and impeccable, long-lasting finish. Meaning? That little help makes it go a long way. 16-hours, in fact; with both integrity and longevity integral to L’Essentiel.

It also bridges the gap of makeup and skincare, providing both a flawless finish whilst at the same protecting and reinforcing the skin’s barrier. Forgo any kind of connotations about thick, unsavoury foundations; thanks to a duet of red algae and tara gums, skin can actually breathe as skin should – without being weighed down. This potent duo also protects from pollution, while white cocoa bean extract moisturises skin and protects it from harsh blue light – a growing skincare concern as late-night Instagram scrolls increase. And like a supplement for your skin, probiotic and prebiotic-inspired technology balances and reinforces the skin’s barrier, leaving it hydrated, balanced and protected.

As for texture, it basically mimics the smoothness of silk, leaving you with a soft, sheer veil. Like a beautifully radiant second-skin, your complexion is fresh and even, but most importantly comfortable. It feels light. It looks light. It is light. With a lightweight to medium coverage, the formula is fully buildable, so you can keep it sheer and fresh, or, up the anti and layer for a stronger finish without ever losing that natural luminosity.

Deeper down, L’Essentiel diffuses its active ingredients to the heart of the epidermis. Makeup that moonlights as skincare; with each day, skin tone is more even, pores are less noticeable (by up to 49%), and pigmentation marks minimised (by 39%). Even bare skin is naturally enhanced. Skin receives a beauty boost, cultivating the ideal canvas for any makeup application (or a layer of L’Essentiel, of course).

Diverse, 30 essential shades form a wonderfully inclusive palette. And as always, style, too, carries weight with substance. A sleek, slightly disruptive bottle created by designer Mathieu Lehanneur draws inspiration from the subtle art of balance. Beauty meets modern art – chic takes on all new meaning.

A foundation for the every woman, it’s your new coverage essential. So good, you’ll never want to take it off.

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guerlain foundation l’essentiel NATURAL GLOW FOUNDATION, 16H WEAR SPF 20, $89.
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