Honey in beauty is by no means a new thing. For centuries, the sweet nectar of the bee has been harnessed for its great revitalising properties, but, not all honey (and bees) were created equal. The Black Bee, a rare species which exists only on the remote Island of Ouessant off the French coast, is unlike its buzzy counterparts. Gathering nectar from this unique wild flora, the Ouessant honey is unrivalled for its purity, a kind of “Grand Cru” honey (or the Queen Bee of the honey world), which boasts exceptional regenerating properties.

And it’s this prestigious honeypot Guerlain tapped for their new serum, Abeille Royale Double R Renew and Repair Serum. This special honey from the Black Bee has been combined with Guerlain’s exclusive Royal Jelly – the most precious substance from the beehive – to create a serum for the ages.

It all comes down to the double R – repair and renew – as this hard-working serum not only works to perfect skin, but lift skin also. The dual serum means that it can do two things at once. On the one hand, it works on upping the pace of skin renewal using a peeling effect. A combination of AHAs turnover cells at double the speed (but still remains gentle on the epidermis), minimising pores and wrinkles and boosting radiance.

Whilst on the other, its lifting-effect formula has the ability to boost the key player in skin repair, so your facial contours feel redefined and resculpted, just like you’ve had a little “lift”.

A potent, luxurious serum that works twice as hard, your complexion looks more radiant, refined and smooth. Those bees were onto something.

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