Thomas Markle just doesn’t get it.

Despite knowing daughter Meghan’s wishes for him to stop discussing her in the press, the Duchess of Sussex’s father has given yet another interview.

Speaking to The Sun, Thomas took aim at Prince Harry, saying:

“Man up and get over it … If I’m the first person who’s insulted you or hurt your feelings, you’ve got a long way to go.”

It’s not clear why Thomas thinks Harry is “hurt” or “insulted”. If anything, Markle himself appears hurt and insulted by Harry.

Since the Prince told Mr Markle on one of their few phone calls “This is what happens when you don’t listen to what we tell you” after Thomas courted media attention, he’s fixated on it in several interviews.

Continuing to target Prince Harry, Markle added:

“He’s human just like the rest of us. I feel that he feels he is above everyone else and that he has a right to talk down to people … And I cannot accept that. It feels like arrogance.”

Meghan’s father has contradicted himself in his many interviews with tabloid publications. A few months ago, he had insisted he had no ill-will towards Meghan and Harry, saying:

“I’m not mad at Harry. I’m not mad at Meghan. I love them. I wish them well.”

As Meghan’s due date approaches, Mr Markle would be wise to stop giving interviews that hurt or cause stress to his daughter. Sadly, that seems unlikely.