Since contouring came and conquered our beauty world, there has been a plethora of makeup trends near and far that seemingly tried to take its place. There was baking. Then strobing. Then came along draping. But, with its chameleonic powers to shape and sculpt your face (hello, new nose), contouring will forever be in our beauty heart. Even recently, Kim Kardashian West launched an entire beauty line (soon to be empire) just on contouring. Translation: it ‘aint going anywhere. 

But, not all contour was created equal, and depending on your facial topography, there are some things which should be avoided and adhered to when contouring. Here, three hacks to think about when buffing yourself to new cheekbones and a smaller chin.

Round Face 
For those with a rounder shape, contour your jawline, cheeks and temples, this creates shadow in the most rotund areas and giving you a narrower guise. Highlighter can be dusted into the forehead and chin.

Screen Shot 20170903 at 122809 am
Credit: Instagram, @mirandakerr
Square Face
If you’re hip to be square, contour only the corners of your face to make them appear less angular. Highlighter should be used on forehead and chin.

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Credit: Instagram, @oliviawilde
Long Face
Why the long face? If your length gets you down, you can actually shorten the shape of your face by contouring along the hairline, at the very top of the forehead, and around the bottom of the chin. 

Screen Shot 20170903 at 122832 am
Credit: Instagram, @becjudd

Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @kimkardashianwest