Travis Scott is being sued for failing to perform a scheduled live show two days after he and Kylie Jenner welcomed baby Stormi, it’s been revealed.

Tour promoter PJAM LLC is taking the Goosebumps rapper to court over financial losses it suffered when Scott cancelled the February 3 show in Minnesota in the US, two days after the birth of his daughter, E News! reports.

According to court documents, the company alleges Travis was paid a pre-show fee of US $150,000, and his manager was paid a US $10,000 fee – not to mention a private jet had been booked to collect him.

“Despite his contractual obligations, he refused to show up for the event.”

Lawyers for PJAM LLC argue the company should be reimbursed for the “significant sums” outlaid to “advertise the event, lease a large entertainment venue and to hire a staff of waiters, bartenders and other assistants for the night”, not to mention “significant damages” and “reputational harm … based upon its failure to produce a performance.”

With a combined net worth of around $60 million (most of that being Kylie’s wealth), we’re thinking the googly-eyed new parents probably decided Travis should blow-off the event and they’d cop the loss, much like you or I might skip a pre-paid $30 yoga class to stay in bed on a cold winter morning. A waste of money, but totally worth it.