As the fashion world moves to an increasingly fluid, neutralised place, Melbourne-based brand Nique are celebrating the global movement of individuality and androgyny with a new unisex capsule collection.

Launching this Spring, U by Nique features beautifully refined, gender-neutral pieces made for the everyday wardrobe. It’s the first dedicated unisex collection for the Melbourne-based brand, who began as two creatives with a shared artistic vision over a decade ago.

Today, the launch of U-Nique ushers a new chapter for the brand, who sought inspiration for the collection from their customers changing shopping habits. “The launch of a distinct unisex range was a natural progression for the brand,” says Nique Creative Director, Nadia Jones. “We were inspired by our customers and the way they shop Nique – Men are drawn to our Women’s trousers – Women to our Men’s Shirts. They are naturally gender fluid and know what suits them irreverent of how we have designed the collection.”

This shift in shopping habits is part of a global shift towards a gender-neutral fashion future. The recent crop of shows indicative of genderless style, with Jacquemus, Gucci and Burberry all staging co-gendered shows, the former even creating a line of gender-bending tailoring which has been seen on the likes of celebrity patron Hailey Bieber just this week.


Staying true to the Nique DNA, form and function remain at the fore with the collection using natural fibres – wools, tencels and cotton – in a monochromatic colour palette with crushed metallic and heat seal detailing. Hero styles include a hooded anorak, tailored jacket and elasticated suit pant, heat-seal detailing on a sweat and trench and a slouchy distressed rib knit; pieces made to wear – and last – a lifetime.


Modern, minimalist and most importantly fluid, U by Nique is a contemporary collection of clean lines, distinctive tailoring and innovative techniques. As fashion’s new world order becomes increasingly blurred and positively less gendered, U by Nique couldn’t have come at a better time.

U-Nique launches instore and online from August 2019. shop the collection here.