Everything La Prairie touches seemingly turns to gold. Or platinum. Or caviar. The Swiss skincare brand is no stranger to luxury, in fact, luxury is in its DNA. Built upon a very palatial base of precious commodities such as caviar, platinum and gold; La Prairie stands for luxury. And with this, comes its latest cream, White Caviar Créme Extraordinaire.

Of course, proving more that just a pretty face, the White Caviar Créme Extraordinaire has substance, too. Or rather, science. Like with all La Prairie products, science is the backbone (the glorious plumping, smoothing effects came after), and following years of research, which included screening 50,000 ingredients to source the single most powerful brightening active, they found it. Meet Lumidose, your new best friend in the crusade for luminosity. An extraordinary little molecule of light, Lumidose was identified by scientists at La Prairie to inhibit the production of melanin. Meaning? Dark spots stop in their track, or fade, when this potent little ray of light hits them.

So what does this mean for our skin? New levels of luminosity, brightness and evenness. With a palpable reduction in the visibility and intensity of dark spots, these dark spots, plus general skin discolouration and dullness are dramatically lightened and treated with La Prairie luminosity. As an added bonus, skin texture and elasticity is improved; refined, firm and smooth – La Prairie non-negotiables, always.

Application is easy (in part thanks to a clever airless pump), it delivers the exact dose required; simply smooth over entire face both morning and night, and let the light in. The final step in the indulgent White Caviar ritual (its partner in light is the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion), results are visible in just four weeks – extraordinary in eight.

Light, suspended the La Prairie way. Now let your skin shine bright.

La Prairie’s White Caviar Créme Extraordinaire, $895. SHOP NOW