Lorde was clearly having fun at her Splendour In The Grass set – she danced so hard her shirt came off.

Partway through her performance, the New Zealand native paused the show to confess to the audience that she’d had a critical wardrobe malfunction.

“This is historically a very dancey night which I am happy about, but I want to show you something crazy that just happened to me,” she told the crowd, dressed in a silver metallic jacket, crop top and pant ensemble.

Removing her jacket, she revealed her crop top had come undone at the back, explaining that her “shirt has become disconnected from [her] body”.

“Will you give me a second to fix this and I’ll run back? This is crazy, talk among yourselves,” she said before darting offstage holding her top.

She returned a few minutes later, crisis averted, and continued the set. A true professional.