Anybody who follows Ashton Kutcher on Facebook would know the actor-come-tech-entrepreneur loves helping people and sharing feel-good videos. Every day, he usually shares something from A-Plus, a video that reminds you to be kind to one another. Of course, this same sentiment is the line delivered by Ellen DeGeneres at the end of each episode.

Overnight, Kutcher made a surprise appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and asked the host what she had planned for her vacation. She’s off to Africa to start building campuses to save mountain gorillas – a present her wife Portia De Rossi gave her for her 60th birthday.

It was then Kutcher brought our Hollywood manager Guy Oseary. The pair are business partners who invest in tech companies and explained to DeGeneres they have discovered this new app, Ripple, which allows people to transfer money from any currency, to any person in the world, at any time, instantly. “They’re talking about the ethic of this company and this platform and how they actually really care about being an ethical company and giving a portion of this platform away to people that are doing good in the world,” explained Kutcher.

“You never ask anyone for help ever,” he continued, speaking directly to DeGeneres. “You’re always thinking about everyone else and we wanted to show you that people are thinking about you. So, on behalf of Ripple, we’d like to give you $4 million.”

DeGeneres, clearly taken back, didn’t know what to say. Her eyes welled up. And while the whole situation was basically a giant ad for Ripple, it was simultaneously helping a great cause. Watch the moment below. It’s pretty special.