Once upon a time in the 90s, when someone became really famous they didn’t get a 3-million-strong Instagram ‘following’ they got a fan club. An actual one, with a club leader and tonnes of snail-mail from devoted fans. They couldn’t tweet out their thoughts or musings, this was saved for interviews with Oprah or Rick Dees or Ugly Phil. This was a world with no Google and when most people didn’t own a mobile phone at all. A time when if you couldn’t quite make out the lyrics to the rap bit in TLC’s Waterfalls you had to either tape the song and listen to it on repeat or hope that Smash Hits would print them in their next issue…so you could CUT THEM OUT.

But, despite being without the ability to text or live stream or Uber Eats or ever make anything ‘Facebook official’, this decade gave us some of the most iconic, teen-loved films and tv shows. Many that continue to be popular today. From these, many It-Girls (and guys) emerged to become superstars of the moment. Some remained ever-popular but others fell into the “whatever happened to…” conversation instead.

Well, something is happening within Hollywood casting walls and on guest lists for A-list events right now because many familiar and forgotten faces are making a comeback. Click on the galleries below to reveal what these blast-from-the-past stars are up to now…and just how sensational they look.

Keri Russell

Famous for her wild curls and the title role in 90s coming-of-age drama series Felicity, Keri Russell is now 42, a mother of three and living in New York City. Still a successful actress, Russell was most recently in acclaimed FX series The Americans. Despite now being sans-curls Russell attended the Met Gala this year with her partner (actor and co-star Matthew Rhys) and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live looking more fierce and fabulous than ever.


Alicia Silverstone

If they made a sequel to Clueless tomorrow, Cher Horowitz would be about to turn 38. The film that made Alicia Silverstone a household name was released in 1995. Her star has remained bright ever since, despite never having another box office hit quite like it. Silverstone, now 41 and living in Los Angeles, she is currently styling it up on the promotional trail for American Woman, a sitcom about the childhood of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards.


Lori Loughlin

Uncle Jesse’s cherished love interest on 90s family sitcom Full House, Lori Loughlin is now 53 years old and absolutely more-chic than ever. The actress, producer and mother of two is often snapped at LA hotspots (including here on June 5) and recently reprised her role as Beccy in the Full House remake, Fuller House.


Mena Suvari

The break-out star of 1999’s films American Pie and American Beauty, Mena Suvari clearly has something in her contract about remaining patriotic. The 39 year old Newport, Rhode Island native is now co-starring with Alicia Silverstone in American Woman, premiering next month.


Mandy Moore

Long since she charted on the pop scene with hits like Candy in 1999 and I Wanna Be With You in 2000, the now 34 year old made the successful change to acting a few years later in cult-loved films like A Walk To Remember. She now stars in NBC drama series This Is Us to critical acclaim. While we’ll always have a soft spot for Mandy Moore: teen pop sensation, today’s Moore is major career and style goals.


Christina Ricci

Once upon a time Christina Ricci was the typecast quirky character-actor who we loved in films such as The Addams Family, Casper, Now & Then and Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. A very successful actress, her celebrity has, however, majorly gone under the radar. Pictured here at the Chanel Women’s Filmmaker Program Luncheon in New York in October, Ricci’s ever-youthful look is now modernised by her bleached pixie crop and chic, tailored styling.


Tiffani Thiessen

While we may always and forever hold her as Kelly from Saved By The Bell (1989 – 1993), and remember her with an ‘Amber’ in her stage name, Tiffani Thiessen is now a mother of two and a published cookbook author. In addition to this, the Californian who also appeared in the original Beverly Hills, 90210, is starring in a Netflix original sitcom Alexa and Katie which premiered in March of this year. Thiessen’s 90s image remains iconic, with Justin Bieber even wearing a t-shirt showing the star to a 2011 music awards show (to which she also repaid the favour).


Rachael Leigh Cook

In 1999 Rachael Leigh Cook starred as Laney Boggs in the hit romantic comedy film She’s All That. The film was based on the original storyline of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady which means it was an all-time makeover movie. While looking back, it was probably not the most progressively feminist narrative, Leigh-Cook opposite Freddie Prinze Jr. made her a teen idol of the time. Now 38 and married with two children, she’s still a working actor and producer while also being a vocal philanthropist. Also, she still. looks. exactly. the. same.


Winona Ryder

Almost as famous for her 90s film roles (Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Heathers, Reality Bites and The Age Of Innocence – for which she won an Academy Award) as for her infamous anecdotes across the years (her cult-loved relationship with 90s fiancé Johnny Depp, her 2001 shoplifting arrest, the weird facials at the 2017 SAG awards), Ryder is now in more demand than ever. Starring in hit Netflix series Stranger Things, Ryder, 48, is back with her signature mysterious, vampy black ensembles, red lips and rich, brunette locks.


Jennifer Love Hewitt

Actress, singer and owner of the “God, Bailey” quote that any Party of Five fan will never forget, Jennifer Love Hewitt was most teen-boys-of-the-90s’ dream woman. It’s even rumoured that ex-boyfriend John Mayer’s hit Body Is A Wonderland was written about her. Now 39, married with two children, the actress has continued a successful career since she starred as Sarah opposite Scott Wolf’s Bailey in Party of Five. Her hit shows include Ghost WhispererCriminal Minds and currently 9-1-1.


Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth, now 46, has remained a cult fascination since her days as Kelly Taylor in the original Beverly Hills, 90210. Her career has had its ups and downs (most recently appearing on her own reality show for country channel CMT and on Ru-Paul’s Drag Race as a guest judge) and her personal life has been publicly followed thanks to a couple of high profile divorces. In a heart-warming twist however, Garth, who still looks beautiful as ever, remains close with her original cast mates. Even posting a birthday dedication to Tori Spelling on Instagram on May 17. Garth is now back as a regular on the Hollywood red carpet scene.