It’s cold in Sydney. There’s bobble wool beanies, fleecy funnel necks, heck, even frost-capped autumn leaves –  usually crisp and crunchy as oppose to frost-bitten and frigid. For Sydneysiders – who typically flirt with bleached-out pockets of sun even in winter – and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere – it is damn cold. And our skin is suffering.  

The commonality of winter skin is always hydration. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate; such a skin manifesto is deeply entrenched in our beauty consciousness. When it’s cold, we reach for the moisturiser to quench our parched skin. Whilst hydration is key when the chill bites, it is actually the time to go forth with potent performance treatments, as elite aesthetic physician Dr Joseph Hkeik explains:

“The cooler weather is ideal for skin remodelling and resurfacing.”

Founder of the opulent skin salon All Saints Clinic, Dr. Hkeik is a foremost expert all things dermal. With over ten years experience, he is a leading light when it comes to impeccable skin.

Skin nirvana; a cosy look inside the All Saints Clinic

Here, winter skin is born anew, with a defiant return to the power treatment. A useful dialogue to get your skin engine roaring, no matter how cold it is outside.

That skin treatments grind to a halt when the season changes. As we move into winter, most people think that it is a time for hibernation, when in fact this is a good time for all the performance facials and laser treatments.

What is the best kind of treatment as the weather changes and moves into winter?
Winter is the ideal time to go deeper into the skin. Great treatments for this time of the year include: Vitamin A Peel, Fraxel and Clear and Brilliants. It’s a great time to dive a little deeper and really get those treatments done that you may have shied away from in the hotter months. Chemical peels and skin needling are also options you may wish to explore for textural improvement.

What is your failsafe winter skin regime? 
Repair hydrate and protect. Staying on the recommended home care program and regular Healites, that can be continued throughout winter months to keep the skin strengthened and supported. Laser genesis is also an excellent treatment option to keep redness at bay while continuing to gently rejuvenate the skin.