NEW YORK CITY: A slew of very influential celebrities have banded together to encourage their millions of followers to register to vote; Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, the list goes on. The push comes amid the horrific news accused sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh has officially been confirmed to the US Supreme Court.

“GOOD MORNING AMERICA.Who is awake this morning? And who’s woke? Cause today is an extremely crucial day to the future of America!” Rihanna posted. “Today is the last day in 14 states to REGISTER TO VOTE… I’m talking to you ARIZONA, ARKANSAS, FLORIDA, GEORGIA, INDIANA, KENTUCKY, LOUISIANA, MICHIGAN, MISSISSIPPI, NEW MEXICO, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA, TENNESSEE, TEXAS.”

“You have 1 job today and that is to properly register to vote,” the singer continued. “I don’t care what responsibilities you have today, there’s no greater responsibility than being in control of your future and the future starts NOW!! We don’t have time, no procrastinating, don’t let the discouragement take you off coarse, that’s not how my people or my generation will go down…this is the loudest way to make your voice heard! REGISTER TODAY! Let’s go!”

As women once again feel like an after-thought, a lot of people in the United States are angry but none more so than the witches of New York City. On October 20, the magically-acquainted among us are hosting a public hexing of Kavanaugh at Catland Books in Brooklyn.

“Kavanaugh will be the focal point, but by no means the only target, so bring your rage and and all of the axes you’ve got to grind,” says the event page. “There will also be a second ritual afterward – ‘The Rites of the Scorned One’ which seeks to validate, affirm, uphold and support those of us who have been wronged and who refuse to be silent any longer.”

You don’t even need to be a practising to participate. So if you are passing through New York City next week, stop by Brooklyn for some pre-Halloween spell-making for a good cause. (Practical Magic is even showing at selected cinemas in the area).