My mother always instilled in me that I would “cut out a very hard life for myself” should I end up with somebody who didn’t earn any money; somebody who wasn’t financially stable. It was brutal honesty and while the immediate takeaway sounds like she wanted my boyfriend to “take care of me”, it was more she wanted us both to be equals in the working-for-the-money stakes.

Similarly, Paulette Perhach, an American writer who popularised the idea that all women should have a “F*ck-Off Fund”, became a viral story last year when she encouraged women to always have their own money set aside. This account would give women the escape route of leaving a job they didn’t like or getting out of a relationship they were no longer happy in.

With all this talk, it did come as a surprise then that model Nina Agdal just openly admitted she wouldn’t be with her boyfriend if he didn’t have any money. Recently sharing a post to her Instagram, Agdal (who has dated Leonardo DiCaprio and Harry Styles, perhaps for their money) gave her fans a glimpse of date night with her boyfriend Jack Brinkley-Cook.

“Went on a date with Jack last night and actually tried to be hot,” she captioned two photos of her the night before and the morning after. “Woke up this morning like myself again, hungover with a mask on. Feels good to be in a comfortable relationship.”

A (genius) follower put a statement to the 26-year-old model. “B honest. If he was broke. U wouldn’t be with him.” Agdal replied, “Probably not.”

It’s pretty brutal. She’s either of the same thinking as my mother (but how many would openly admit that?) or she really doesn’t see beyond the dollar signs.Are we in a life stage now where money is as important as charisma, humour and kindness? What do you think?

One follower replied, “Oh, get a real job then and an education so you don’t rely on men.” Another commented, “If my daughter was dating a broke guy, I’d be pi**ed. Good for you.”

No word on whether Brinkley-Cook would be with Agdal should she have nothing.

A year after dating DiCaprio, Agdal sparked up a romance with Brinkley-Cook in September 2017 in New York City. And if his surname sounds familiar, yes he is the son of supermodel Christie Brinkley. Agdal told Andy Cohen she gets along with her boyfriend’s mum really well.

“It’s actually really, really good. Me and Christie are super cool,” Agdal explained. “She’s one of the most, you know, the smartest woman and one of the most beautiful women. I like get surprised, I walk out of the door in the Hamptons at 10 a.m. and she looks 10 times better than I do at all times. She’s an incredible woman. She’s so sweet.”