Zendaya wearing her Spring Collection with Boohoo.com

The moment we all found out Zendaya was releasing a Spring collection with online retailer Boohoo.com, our jaws drop with excitement. However, what really made us wide eyed is the fact she will be including a size range of 2-22.

It’s very rare for a fast fashion retailer such as Boohoo to incorporate options for people of all shapes and sizes but in true Zendaya style, everybody has been included.

Zendaya has been vocal in the past about body shaming, defending a girl who was being bullied on Twitter about her appearance and even asking her to model for her previous clothing line ‘Daya’ as a ‘plus size’ model.

Zendaya wearing her Spring Collection with Boohoo.com

You’ll have to wait to get the collection though, as it won’t be dropping until March 21. Get your wallets ready because you’re going to want everything.

With Zendaya fronting this spring collection, you know to expect amazing things from it, (if you haven’t already been blown away enough by its inclusivity). Boohoo.com will be dropping over 50 pieces hand selected by Zendaya herself.

Zendaya wearing her Spring Collection with Boohoo.com

Another thing to note is pieces will all be under $100, meaning they won’t break the bank. The line was designed with the everyday girl in mind, who wants celebrity style on budget, and to provide the option of versatility. “I always like to think of the dress up/dress down concept.” Zenday told Instyle.

“I feel like it was important that every piece I chose should have that versatility so people can get the most from their looks.”

The pieces are a clear nod to the nineties with lots of metallic, coloured denim, slogan tees and athleisure. She kept it close to home by shooting in her home town of Los Angeles, California and using her own celebrity stylist, Law Roach for the shoot.

Zendaya wearing her Spring Collection with Boohoo.com

Zendaya has worked closely with Roach for many year which made him the perfect man for the job as he knows her style inside and out.

“It’s my job as an image architect to make brands see that they are special,” Roach said in a previous interview. “In fashion not everyone is a visionary, so I have to show them.”

Zendaya’s Boohoo.com Spring collection drops March 21. Head here for details.

Zendaya wearing her Spring Collection with Boohoo.com