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Alessandro Michele's vision for your mid-season wardrobe is typically wild
Sandals with monogrammed socks, more bling than Liberace, and a pet lizard to offset your retro satin suit. How far would you go with Gucci's Pre-Fall collection?
Can you feel the love between Alessandro Michele and Elton John tonight?
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On International Women's Day, look back on the past month of politically charged collections and consider what they mean for the future of fashion
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For the house's first gender unified collection, Alessandro Michele and artist Coco Capitán write their own story
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Spectacular. And the shoot location with serious royal connections is pretty special too
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Because Alessandro Michele is a genius, cool girls can wear anything and you could literally live in that backpack
What do Gucci, William the Conqueror and Kate Middleton have in common?
As the first brand allowed to show at the venerable Westminster Abbey, Gucci's decision to show in London is not as farfetched as it seems