Fashion Week Day 3

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The normcore shoe trend of Australian fashion week
Always expect the unexpected ...
Being trapped in an elevator was the highlight of my Fashion Week
A buyer, a photographer, a pregnant journalist and five sweaty show-goers walk into an elevator...
Street Style MBFWA Day 3: Details
Grace Alyssa Kyo shoots the chic on the streets of Australian Fashion Week
Take a bow Bianca Spender. This is your moment
The elegantly understated designer prefers to dodge the limelight. Lucky her clothes do the talking for her
Street Style MBFWA Day 3: People
Grace Alyssa Kyo shooting the chic on the streets of Australian Fashion Week
Why you need a little piece of this Manning Cartell magic in your life
Time to clear some space in your wardrobes ladies. Read this and you'll know why
The most fun Australian fashion week show so far, by far
It had all the cheeky hallmarks of a runway event the fashion elite would turn their noses up at. Instead, they turned cheer squad
Backstage Beauty Report: Steven Khalil Resort 2017
A touch of Paris hit Sydney thanks to some seriously shiny hair and a hit of glitter lids
By Johnny, this popular designer's finale made it
From Project Runway alumni to Prince of the Runway candidate, Johnny Schembri's MBFWA leap had everyone's attention
The best #Overheards from Australian Fashion Week so far
"Fashion week has a beginning, a middle, and no end to the drama" and other overheard gems from the frontlines of MBFWA