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Bart Jr. is the cat's pyjamas
This new bar has all the ingredients to make it a neighbourhood icon (not unlike the virile tomcat after which it's named)
George of the concrete jungle
Meet the award-winning architect behind Australia's most stylish restaurants, stores, bars and homes
Indigenous art, music and culture will now light up the Opera House every night
Badu Gili, a new year-round nightly projection series, shines a light on the rich art, music and culture of Australia's First Nations
This must-see new festival promises to be an Antidote for the times
Fake news, activism, art and authorship lead the agenda of a staggering new festival at the Sydney Opera House
Claudia Nicholson's magic carpets
Using alfombra de aserríns – coloured sawdust carpets – the artist Claudia Nicholson investigates ideas of identity at the intersection of popular culture, history and memory
For an education in wine, praise be to Dear Sainte Éloise
Dear Sainte Éloise doesn't ask for much - just enough of your time to enjoy some bread and a bottle of wine
Installation tactics: why the Sydney Contemporary art fair has become necessary viewing
What to expect from one of the year's biggest art events
A seat at Sydney Table
A chef and an artist consider collaboration and the art of dining, with often unexpected results
In the Cannes: cinema heavyweights added to the Sydney Film Festival lineup
Including the film that earned Robert Pattinson a six minute standing ovation
The Cannes prize winners coming to a cinema near you
When and where you can catch the winners from Cannes at the Sydney Film Festival