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This laid-back denim brand has a seriously cool new look book
Shot by photographer Nicholas Finn (Jodhi Meares’ new husband) and starring some of our fave Fashion Week street style stars
Watch the greatest Snapchat moments from MBFWA
Relive the greatest moments from MBFWA 2016 as seen through the (largely) unfiltered and unedited lens of GRAZIA's Snapchat
What really goes on backstage at Fashion Week
Photographer and industry veteran Sonny Vandevelde talks to us about the good, the bad and the ugly of MBFWA's backstage
Best In Show: the greatest moments from MBFWA 2016
Fashion Week is a time of dizzying highs and crushing lows. Here are the most exceptional moments from MBFWA 2016
The rest of the best MBFWA #overheards
"It's a backstage beauty how-to mate, not a bloody exclusive interview with Barack Obama!"
Where to shop these Street Style star's fashion week style
One of the best things about MBFWA is the inspiring street style that comes out of it. Here's were to buy some of our fave off-runway looks
This was the most outrageous show all fashion week. And we loved it
From the minute the invitation arrived emblazoned with "Sex Is In", we knew this show would shake things up. No wonder Kylie Jenner's a fan. (If you're scared of sequins, look away now...)
The normcore shoe trend of Australian fashion week
Always expect the unexpected ...
Being trapped in an elevator was the highlight of my Fashion Week
A buyer, a photographer, a pregnant journalist and five sweaty show-goers walk into an elevator...